LBC, The King of Balikbayan Boxes

Published: 18th February 2009
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When we say OFWs, the "Balikbayan Boxes" isnt too far away. A balikbayan box, or literally returnee's to one's homeland box, is a ubiquitous cardboard box containing any number of small items and sent by an overseas Filipino known as a "balikbayan". Such boxes are often brought by Filipinos returning home from abroad, but is commonly shipped by freight forwarders specializing in balikbayan boxes.

There are many companies in the Philippines that provides services to send packages to the philippines. And when it comes to this, LBC is considered as the leading courier service in the Philippines.

LBC, or Luzon Brokerage Corporation, was founded in the 1950's as a brokerage and air cargo agent. Eventually, the company operated as an air cargo forwarding service provider and was the first to introduce the 24-hour air cargo delivery service. LBC soon became a respected leader offering fast and reliable Express Courier and Money Remittance service throughout the Philippines.

LBC has become a household name to Filipinos since launching its cargo and courier services in the Philippines during the post World War II period over half a century ago.

Its vision then remains the same today: to link people to people through the express delivery of services that include cargo, courier, money remittance and travel. Having proven itself in supplying its services domestically, LBC trained its eye towards catering to the needs of overseas Filipinos.

LBC began its international expansion in 1985, establishing its first overseas office in San Francisco, California. Today, it has over 600 branches in the Philippines, 60 branches all over the US, and has set up branches in Europe, Canada and Asia.

The demand for LBC's services grew rapidly in tandem with the number of Filipinos who moved abroad. Given this direct correlation and a trusted record of reliable performance, LBC has become a trusted name and commercial success. Because of this, Filipinos that wanted to send packages to the philippines are now assured of a service proven throughout the history of the Philippines.

If ever you wanted to send packages to the philippines or remitances to your families and loved ones, then visit LBCExpress to learn how this is easily done.

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