LBC's Year's Worth of Service

Published: 21st April 2009
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Ever wanted a way to send packages to the philippines without worrying too much about your package ending up else where or arrive too late for the occasion you're trying to get? Sometimes, Filipinos aren't too sure about the courier service that they are signing-on to when they want their packages delivered to their loved ones in the Philippines.

Some courier companies would promise to get their client's packages safely to the Philippines. However, not all courier companies can assure them that their packages will arrive on time. This is why sometimes, Filipinos would tend to send packages to the philippines weeks earlier prior to the date they want it to be received by their family or loved ones. But because of the growing industry of courier services and the demand for better service, courier companies are now able to provide faster delivery of packages. One of the many courier companies in the Philippines today that serves that kind of service is LBC.

LBC or Luzon Brokerage Corporation is known to be the first courier company in the Philippines that offered a 24 hour delivery service in which earned them their campaign slogan "Hari ng Padala" or "King of Delivery" in English. LBC was also been known to offer online assistance to Filipinos abroad such as Express Regalo that offers online gift shopping and gift delivery to the Philippines and Flowers Express that specialize in offering flower delivery services to the Philippines. LBC has truly been a big help for a lot of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) when it comes to courier services. But the question that all Filipinos would like to know is when did LBC first started?

Luzon Brokerage Corporation was first a brokerage and air cargo agent founded in the 1950's, during the post World War II period over half a century ago. Eventually, the company operated as an air cargo forwarding service provider and was the first to introduce the 24-hour air cargo delivery service. Its vision was to link people to people through the express delivery of services that include cargo, courier, money remittance and travel, and that vision still remains today. Because of LBC, Filipinos that wanted to send packages to the philippines are offered the fastest and the most reliable courier service trusted for over half a century.

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